Box Office Report: “The Heat” Posts Strong Debut, Can’t Expel “Monsters University”

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Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Here’s your box office report for this past weekend, complete with snarky commentary.

1.) Monsters University$46.2M. The most impressive thing about Pixar’s latest: With two heavily promoted movies debuting (“The Heat” and “White House Down”), both featuring big stars (Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Channing Tatum, and Jamie Foxx), it still retained the top spot.

2.) The Heat, $40.6M. Somewhere Rex Reed shakes his fist angrily in the air.

3.) World War Z$29.8M. America likes its zombie movies restrained and snoozy, I guess. 

4.) White House Down$25.7M. In my opinion, the biggest surprise of the summer. Tatum had a killer 2012 and was poised to be box office royalty. Possible reasons for the tepid debut? “Olympus Has Fallen” came out like three days ago. And maybe moviegoers need more of a reason to watch Tatum in something. “Magic Mike” had stripping; “21 Jump Street” had Jonah Hill; “The Vow” had that weepy romantic story that is a catnip to the ladies (and the men who get dragged to such date movies).

5.) Man of Steel$20.8M. Fun fact: Henry Cavill was in the running to play James Bond before Daniel Craig got the role. See, good things happen to really, really handsome guys. 

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