Armie Hammer, Johnny Deep Would Return for ‘Lone Ranger’ Sequel, But Will There Be One?

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the-lone-rangerPutting up a budget of $250 million for a movie that’s not part of a superhero franchise, doesn’t have James Cameron attached to direct and is not a Pixar animation sounds like a risky move, nay a suicide note. Still, Walt Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer and the entire gang behind “The Lone Ranger” seem optimistic in regards to the western’s box-office hit potential.

So much so that they reportedly have Armie Hammer and Ruth Wilson, two of the film’s stars, tied up for a potential sequel. And threequel. Meanwhile, Depp doesn’t have a contractual obligation to reprise his Tonto role, but since “Lone Ranger” has been his dream project all along, he’d “be ready to go in a second”.

Of course, everything rides on the first film’s grosses, as The Lone Ranger himself, I mean Armie Hammer, so sincerely confessed to E: “We’ll see. It all kind of depends on this one”.

Now, what are the chances of the Gore Verbinski-directed film, which opens this week, to earn enough to warrant a trilogy? Let’s see, the budget before marketing is $250 mil, meaning anything below half a billion grossed globally would be a modest return at best.

Johnny Depp has five such huge earners in his resume, so it all sounds like a piece of cake at first. But only one of those is not a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. Likewise, no Verbinski film outside of the franchise has grossed more than $250 worldwide.

Plus, the first few “Lone Ranger” critic reviews are far from kind, whereas the trailers have been confusing, focusing too much on Tonto and the heated action sequences. Bottom line, it’s not looking good, Johnny, Gore, Armie, Jerry, Disney.

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