Colin Cowherd Getting Football Show on ESPN 2

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colin cowherdWhile watching NFL 32 on ESPN yesterday, I saw a plug for a new show: NFL Insiders. That show will replace NFL 32. If anyone during the planning meeting suggested that program failed because there may be too many football shows, they were drowned out. This led me to wonder just how many football shows ESPN thinks the market can bear. In a shocking twist, another one is on the way.

The Big Lead cites sources inside ESPN as confirming former SportsNation host Colin Cowherd will get his own football show on ESPN 2. Pro football shows are like the mythical Hydra, cut off one and two rise to take its place.

The show is expected to recap Saturday’s college football action and preview the Sunday NFL slate. Cowherd will discuss gambling on the show as well. The former Las Vegas Stars play-by-play voice is appearing on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning radio show more often, and will be working on College Football Live Tuesdays with Kirk Herbstreit.

There is apparently no fear at ESPN that they’re hitting a saturation point with the NFL or Cowherd. In fairness, fans do have an insatiable need for football. The lockout did no damage to the league’s runaway popularity, nor have issues including player safety and the insane number of player arrests.


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