New Walking Dead Season 4 Poster Gets Medieval on Walkers

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Walking Dead Season 4 Promo ArtMichonne’s on a horse. The banner art for The Walking Dead Season 4 isn’t slated for official unveiling until Comic-Con, but it is already popping up everywhere. One of the things that makes zombie stories compelling is the return to a more old school form of combat. It’s no coincidence that the two most popular characters, Michonne and Daryl, are proficient with a sword and a crossbow respectively. Guns are fine, but there is something about a katana that just looks more badass.

TV Line reports the season’s first episode is titled “30 Days Without An Accident.” New showrunner Scott M. Gimple wrote it, and he couldn’t have picked a better title to fuel speculation. Are they jumping ahead a month in time? Ever since Lori gave birth to a baby, I’ve been waiting for them to jump far enough for the child to at least be able to run if cornered. Maybe it happens a little at a time. A month here, a year there and bam, she’s three years old and we no longer have stories about formula runs.

The title sounds a lot like the posters you see in workplaces. Our favorite group of survivors got a lot larger after the Woodbury folks joined. Might they move into a factory, a mill or some similar place? Season 4 began filming in May, for an October return. We’ll no doubt get some more juicy tidbits at Comic-Con International July 18-21, and we will keep you posted. What are your hopes for Season 4?

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  • bernarde

    I cant wait to see this series!! excited to see daryl and carol