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Admit it: you had a crush on her, too.

Maxim, of all publications, has an oral history of The Wire. But Beadie Russell isn’t on the cover of the magazine or anything (Maxim)

Speaking of The Wire, Sunday marks the tenth anniversary of its debut, and probably the first, second, third and fourth anniversary of when most people started watching it. (The Atlantic)

There’s going to be a concert later this year by a hologram of Marilyn Monroe. Much as I hate the idea, I’d rather see the hologram perform as Marilyn than Katharine McPhee (Vanity Fair)

Adam Sandler is reportedly in talks to star in a movie with Will Ferrell; I think it’ll be funny, provided that Ferrell’s character murders Sandler’s in the first five minutes (Vulture)

For those really nostalgic for Windows 95, the Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” will be featured in an Olympic-timed commercial for Omega (Rolling Stone)

There’s talk about turning “The Expendables” into a TV series. Who will be in it, besides David Caruso? (Deadline)

The band Ween has broken up (Rolling Stone)

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