At the End of the Day: Happy Endings’ Ending, J Lo in Turkmenistan, and Lego ‘Game of Thrones’

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I’m going to miss that picture

There will be no cable reprieve: Happy Endings is officially dead (AV Club)

Jennifer Lopez has apologized for accepting a gig entertaining the authoritarian president of Turkmenistan (Los Angeles Times)

Woody Allen, Terminator (Slacktory)

Real Housewives of New Jersey, Or Olive Garden? (Buzzfeed)

Do NOT buy a synthesizer from this man (CraigsList)

A surprisingly civil discussion between left-wing critic Alyssa Rosenberg and right-wing critic Sonny Bunch (Bloggingheads)

Four words: Lego Game of Thrones (Buzzfeed)

Speaking of which, why it’s a no-no to refer to Texas politician Wendy Davis as “Khaleesi” (Salon)

Kids pick the best Pixar movies (Slate)

For (belated) Canada Day: The Best North-of-the-Border albums ever (Buzzfeed)

 An ex-Google employee reviews “The Internship” (Google Crashers)

 Yes, the Cabin in the Woods will be a ride at Universal Studios Orlando (The Verge)

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