Third ‘Elysium’ Trailer: Matt Damon Is an Unlikely Hero, Jodie Foster an Unlikely Villain

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elysiumFrom a financial standpoint, the first half of 2013 in movies sure looks tremendous, with 14 hits already surpassing $100 million in domestic grosses. As far as original concepts and thought-provoking storylines go however, I can’t find a single film to rate above average.

Fortunately, “Elysium” is coming. And while it’s unlikely to tie the incredible Oscar record of the previous Neill Blomkamp film, “District 9”, it looks to be one of those very unique flicks that blends mind-blowing special effects with a plot that you can actually resonate with and provide some food for thought.

The first trailer illustrated that, the second did it even better and now we have a third that puts “Elysium” on a safe path towards the hearts of both regular audiences and critics.

You know the story already. It’s set in a sort of post-apocalyptic future, but unlike “Oblivion” and “After Earth”, it’s nuanced. Matt Damon plays the reformed ex-con/unlikely hero that has to save the ruined Earth from the repression of the wealthy (now living on a heavenly space station), while Jodie Foster is the main antagonist.

That’s actually the only part of this concept that doesn’t seem to work, as I just can’t see sweet Foster get her evil on, but I still trust Blomkamp to deliver. Who’s with me?

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