‘Delivery Man’ Trailer: Haven’t We Seen This All Before?

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delivery-manGiven I’ve never understood the point of English-spoken remakes made two years after their non-English counterparts (is reading that difficult?), I have been and still am extremely skeptical about “Delivery Man”.

Starring Vince Vaughn as… well, Vince Vaughn (you know, the classical witty man-child that can’t find a purpose in life), the upcoming Hollywood comedy is a rehash of the 2011 Canadian-made “Starbuck”.

The thing is, if you check out that movie’s trailer and the new one for “Delivery Man”, the striking resemblances will likely get on your nerves a bit. Okay, it’s a remake, so I know the story has to be the same at its core, but do you really have to re-do every scene?

Oh, well, there are a few things done differently, like the guy’s soccer player offspring in the original is replaced with an aspiring actor in the remake, but again, there are way too many similarities for anyone to enjoy both movies. In which case why wouldn’t everybody just watch “Starbuck”?

I’ll tell you one possible reason – Chris Pratt. The guy is by far the best thing in the “Delivery Man” trailer, fitting perfectly on the fatigued father of four/not very skilled lawyer role. If only there was something else besides him (and maybe Cobie Smulders’ hotness) to the DreamWorks pic that’s set to open on November 22…

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