Steven Seagal May Join ‘The Expendables’, Mel Gibson is Main Villain

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The ExpendablesRumors are flying in regards to “The Expendables 3” cast, with basically every action star between the ages of 30 and… 80 being in contention for a part. For now, Sylvester Stallone (duh!), Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture and Jet Li are confirmed to reprise their roles for the franchise’s third title, while Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis are themselves 99% returning for cameos.

But what about new faces? Well, “new” might be a bit of a stretch, but Nic Cage, Milla Jovovich, Mickey Rourke and Jackie Chan will be making their debuts as “expendables”. Fantastic cast already (for fans of the genre, at least), but that’s not all.

Steven Seagal and Mel Gibson’s names have been mentioned in more than a couple reports tying up to “The Expendables 3”, and now we have a new spark to ignite a fire of catastrophic proportions. Uhm, you know what I mean.

Bulgarian news outlets are saying Seagal is already signed for the 2014 action extravaganza, following some hard negotiations with Stallone, one of the film’s writers and main star, while Gibson is on the verge of making it all official. For himself, that is, not Seagal.

If all that proves to be accurate, Steven Seagal is likely to join Barney Ross’ (Stallone’s) team of mercenaries, whereas the once upon a time acclaimed director Mel Gibson will be playing the main villain. Remember, none of this is official yet, so take it with your proverbial pinch of salt.

Via [Filmofilia]

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  • Mike

    Mickey Rourke was in the first…

  • Greg

    i think to put seagal in a fight with mel gibson would be a low blow if you will for Seagal, why not have Seagal go against Li or jason statham??????