Aaron Sorkin on “The Authorial Point of View”

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Aaron Sorkin and Walter Mossberg

Screenwriting superstar Aaron Sorkin sat for an interview this week at the All Things D D10 conference, telling Walter Mossberg about his creative process as well as his in-progress biopic of Steve Jobs.

Sorkin likened the Jobs project to “writing about the Beatles,” since so many people know the Jobs story. He said he’s at the early stages of writing the script, a part of the process that he says involves a lot of procrastination.

“Anytime you’re at the movies, and you see the words ‘this is a true story,’ you should think of it as a painting and not a photograph,” Sorkin said.

Also in the interview, Sorkin told the story of his Bar Mitzvah and how it informed his screenwriting career. He also said that while he uses gadgets in his day to day life, he is “all but computer illiterate,” and technology advances haven’t much changed how he does his work.

See the interview below:

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