‘The Lifeguard’ Trailer: Kristen Bell Is a 29 Year-Old Going on 18

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The LifeguardThere are a lot of words that usually come to mind when thinking of Kristen Bell, but I bet “brat”, “spoiled” and “immature” are not in anyone’s top ten. Which is the one and only reason “The Lifeguard” could be worth checking out.

Aside from Bell’s outside-of-comfort-zone part, I’m sorry to inform you the trailer for this indie doesn’t look like much. Even worse, it seems to follow an uncannily similar storyline to last year’s “Hello I Must Be Going”, which is not befitting of a Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominee.

On second thought, there is one more reason some of you might find themselves intrigued by Liz W. Garcia’s dramedy. The film has a very solid cast (considering its budget), with Mamie Gummer, Amy Madigan, Alex Shaffer and Martin Starr playing second fiddle to Bell. But there’s only so much a great ensemble of talented actors can do.

Plus, even if we disregard the lack of freshness behind this thing’s plot, it still isn’t all that interesting. The story focuses on a 30 year-old (sorry, 29 year-old) big-time New York reporter that realizes she’s unhappy with her life and decides to quit her job, move back with her parents and try to relive her teen years while making minimum wage as a lifeguard. Wow, talk about first world problems, eh?

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