Mark from “The Room” Refuses to Leave Comments in His Pocket, Writing Book on Experiences

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The Room Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” is widely considered to be one of the worst films of all time, a movie so egregiously bad that it has become, dare I say, cherished. Its awfulness has become a business, complete with bobbleheads and t-shirts and commercials.

And in October, another treat arrives. Greg Sestero, who played Mark, the third side of the movie’s wack-a-doo Isosceles love triangle, has written The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside the Room, The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made. Co-written with acclaimed journalist Tom Bissell, who wrote about “The Room” for Harper’s, the A.V. Club ran the book’s introduction a couple of days ago.

Here’s an excerpt:

In 1998, as a 19-year-old aspiring actor, I enrolled in an acting class in San Francisco. It was there that I met Tommy Wiseau, an encounter that had an unforeseeable impact on the direction of my life. Tommy and I were opposites in every perceivable way, although we shared a common dream: a career in entertainment. This chance meeting inspired a journey neither I nor anyone else could have imagined.

This book is a personal account of that journey—the one that led to the phenomenon that is The Room. It is, I hope, a tale of heart, sadness, and blind artistic courage. The story it tells is as much about the power of believing in oneself as it is about the perils that can arise in conquering self-imposed limitations.

Honestly, hop over to the A.V. Club and read the whole thing. It will whet your appetite for what should be the best book about a bad movie since The Devil’s Candy.

P.S.–I reached out to Sestero via Twitter to see if he wanted to comment, but I haven’t heard back yet. Perhaps he’s in an alley throwing a football or seducing a woman with unplucked eyebrows.


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