Is It Too Soon For a Boston Bombing Movie?

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Boston Strong This week, barely three months after the Boston Marathon bombing, news broke that writers have been hired to put together a movie based on those events.

According to The Wrap, screenwriters Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy, best known for writing the also-Massachusetts-set “The Fighter,” to be based on an upcoming nonfiction book called “Boston Strong.” The book, according to the report, will follow the April 15 bombing and the city of Boston’s reaction to the subsequent events, including the manhunt for suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Johnson’s produced finished credit is “The Fighter,” although Tamasy’s filmography includes several titles with the phrase “Air Bud” in the title. The two also wrote “The Finest Hours,” a film in pre-production about a real-life rescue by the Coast Guard in the 1950s.

Is a “Boston Strong” movie a good idea? It’s a fine line. The timing feels somewhat exploitative, although if done right the movie could turn out somewhat inspirational. Not to mention, “this seems like a movie” was a phrase I heard an awful lot during that manhunt.

My advice to the filmmakers, which I have a feeling they already have on their mind? Think “Zero Dark Thirty.” If you depict what really happened, stick to the facts, and stay tasteful, this story could turn into a very good movie. Because while people argued about the torture stuff in “Zero Dark Thirty,” not many argued that it was exploitative or tasteless.


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