Robert Pattinson to Star in Saddam-Hunt Film ‘Mission: Blacklist’

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Jesper-Ganslandt-Robert-PattisonJessica Chastain, who between you and I is probably the most talented and versatile actress of her generation, might have been snubbed at the Oscars for her compelling role as Osama Bin Laden catcher, but Robert Pattinson is sure to avenge her.

Wait, what? It’s true, R-Pat will next play the role of contemporary hero/military genius in the psychological thriller “Mission: Blacklist”. The pic will center on the true story of Eric Maddox, the interrogator that collected the intelligence which directly led to the capture of Saddam Hussein back in 2003.

Okay, I’m going to stop right there and say out loud what everybody’s probably thinking by now. There’s no way in hell Pattinson can pull off such a complex, multifaceted part. Not unless this “Mission: Blacklist” is supposed to be a comedy. Or unless the producers are planning to tweak the story and make Saddam a blood-thirsty vampire… literally.

With that being said, it’s not like the film plans to be a new “Zero Dark Thirty” and hit it big both at the box-office and in terms of critical reception. Remember, the Bin Laden thriller not only had Chastain playing the role of her lifetime, but also Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow in the director’s seat.

Meanwhile, “Mission: Blacklist” has nabbed Jesper Ganslandt as helmer. Ganslandt who, aside from having an impossible name, also has a very light resume, with only three low-profile Swedish feature films: “Falkenberg Farewell”, “The Ape” and “Blondie”.

On the bright side, one of the scribes hired to adapt Eric Maddox’s autobiographical book is Erik Jendresen (“Band of Brothers”). The guy’s good, but it’s not the story I have a problem with.

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  • Bes

    I predict this will be a highly acclaimed picture and Oscar for Mr. Pattinson!

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      I predict you’re kidding…

  • Chris

    Ugh, I hate bloggers who have obviously never checked out Pattinson’s entire filmography but just base their uninformed commentary on 1 series of poorly written films. Like, do some research man.

  • cristina

    Lazy and narrow-minded journalism. About the movie. We will see.

  • Melissa

    I wonder if Adrian has seen Cosmopolis? It is probably above your head, but give it a watch, then try again to write about Pattibson’s limitations as an actor.

  • Char

    How very sad that you did not bother to check out Mr. Pattinson’s entire film career before you spouted off. Mr. Pattinson is a very versatile actor. Eric Maddox and Pattinson met for some 14 hours over this project and Mr. Maddox himself chose Pattinson for the roll. If the man who lived it believes Pattinson can do it why should you doubt Mr. Maddox! Go do some research next time before you open your mouth. Check out Cosmopolis ( Critically acclaimed), Little Ashes, Remember me, Water for Elephants.

  • Sarah

    You have obviously never watched his other films and that’s why you can’t think of him beyond Twilight and Edward Cullen. He has shown in films like Cosmopolis, that he can be a versatile actor and more than just a pretty face. I really can’t wait to see him in this role and for him to prove you wrong.

  • Miss

    Have you watched any of Robert Pattinson’s films outside of Twilight? He is extremely talented and has a great performance in films like Cosmopolis, Little Ashes and Bel Ami.

  • Marie Skars

    narrow mined people lead less happy lives, just so you know.
    i hate, for the rest of his career, that Pattinson will be subjected to this kind of criticism. i mean, if you based your thoughts on real facts i might respect ya. maybe you should check out his entire of body of work before you judge. just sayin’.
    the twi saga opened many doors for him, but it’s also his worst double edged sword. this ridiculous observation is proof of that.
    Eric Maddox himself sat with Pattinson for 16 hours discussing the role and marked his stamp of approval after being very impressed by Pattinson’s passion and commitment to playing the role. That’s good enough for me.

  • Guest

    You obviously are speaking thru your a**. No offense, as you may be just beginning, but try researching your topics before commenting on subjects you know nothing about. It’s easy to have a blog, but you can tell the good ones know the material they cover.

  • sarah

    You know you really should do your homework before you mindlessly post something that makes no sense on a blog. Have you even seen any of Mr Pattinson’s other work? I think you are selling him short because of your narrow-minded view of the Twilight Saga. Yes, the franchise put his name out there, but the Edward Cullen character is not all there is to him. He has been sought after twice by Mr David Cronenberg, so he must be doing something right. Also, Mr Pattinson met up with Eric Maddox, probably to talk about the book and how the role needs to be played. I do believe I remember reading somewhere that Eric Maddox was very impressed with Mr Pattinson. Do you really think that Eric Maddox would allow someone that he didn’t have complete faith in to portray him in a movie?

  • Lynn

    Wow! You all are so quick to judge based on one series! Have you taken the time to see any of his other movies Remember Me? Little Ashes? The Haunted Airman? Bel Ami? Cosmopolis? (Just to name a few) probably not… Rob will be fantastic in this role and just like someone else stated, I too think this will land Rob an Oscar! One thing people seem to underestimate are Robs fans we will support him and continue to support him! Nothing anybody can say will change our minds! You just keep doing your thing Rob we support you!

  • Dixie

    Why do you keep deleting comments?

  • Char

    Good to see that you brought the comments back.

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