Shawn Christensen’s ‘Curfew’ Will Hit The Big Screen Soon, Star Paul Wesley and Emmy Rossum

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CurfewShort films might get the same kind of attention at the Oscars as, say, documentaries in theory, but in reality you very rarely see an acclaimed short director making the smooth transition to features. Just look at this list of Academy Award nominees and winners for live action short film.

Recognize any names? A couple, tops. Well, you should be ready to add one more – Shawn Christensen. The guy directed, written and starred in “Curfew”, which was named best short last year, and is now ready to bring some of his compressed magic in a longer package on the big screen.

Christensen’s feature directorial debut will be loosely based on “Curfew” and already has three fairly high-profile names of actors attached to star. There’s Paul Wesley, whom you may know from The Vampire Diaries and that will probably take on the role played by the director in the short.

Then there’s Emmy Rossum, the charming star of Shameless and “The Phantom of the Opera”. And finally, there’s the legendary Ron Perlman, whose rich credits include roles in “Hellboy”, “Drive” and most recently “Pacific Rim”.

Next to the three, we’ll be seeing the cute as a button Fatima Ptacek reprising her role as the lead character’s niece/unlikely savior, but for now those are the only details known in relation to casting.

On a different note, the producing team will apparently include Christensen, as well as Damon Russell, Paul Wesley, Terry Leonard, Lucan Toh, Oliver Roskill and Emily Leo. No words on a release date yet, but we’ll keep you in the loop.

Via [Deadline]

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