Rumor: Marvel Wants Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Doctor Strange

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joseph gordon-levittAccording to casting rumors, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will appear in more comic book movies than slow-motion bullet dodging and 3D conversion. “The Dark Knight Rises” teased him as a potential future Batman, fueling Justice League casting rumors ever since. The latest superhero project reportedly eyeing Gordon-Levitt is Marvel’s “Doctor Strange.”

Latino Review says Marvel brass think the star of blockbusters such as “Inception” would be ideal. The script is reportedly written for someone is his early 30s. That makes sense. Most comic book heroes start somewhere in their 20s-30s and remain that age forever for storyline purposes. The actor is 32, although he looks much younger. He could certainly appear in an origin story and crank out the desired three movies. If Disney/Marvel can turn a cult character like Doctor Strange into a three-picture project, it will be fair to wonder what they can’t do.

Strange is a surgeon who seeks help after an injury ends his medical career. That quest takes him to an ancient mystic who steers him down another path, leading him to become Earth’s Sorceror Supreme. Strange is slated for Phase Three of Marvel’s cinematic universe. After getting moviegoers hooked with tales of the big names that compose The Avengers, now it wants to take us deeper with lesser-known heroes as Strange and Ant-Man.

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