‘Sharknado 2′ is Already on the Way

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So, “Sharknado”, huh? Yes, that title certainly was silly wasn’t it? Tee Hee. And what about those bad special effects? They were definitely realistic. NOT!!! Ho, ho!3014240-poster-p-sharknado-twitter-weather-center And, TARA REID!?? She’s like a something, something Lindsay Lohan! Gigglegigglegiggle! Alright. So those are my thoughts about “Sharknado” and now that we’ve talked about it, maybe we could never mention this movie again.

Ugh. You know I miss the days when our pop-cultural landscape wasn’t covered in a thick layer of irony and if a movie was bad it was just genuinely, sincerely bad. It didn’t try to wink at you and pretend it was in on the joke. Movies like “Sharknado” represent kitsch at its most forced and lazy. So of course it’s not going away.

According to TV Line, “Sharknado 2” is already on the way and will apparently take place in New York City (but, more than likely, it will be Vancouver unconvincingly passing as New York City). Additionally, the Syfy channel is leaving it up to the fans to come-up with a subtitle for the upcoming sequel. Tweet your ideas to @SyfyMovies using the #Sharknado hashtag and maybe you can be a star! Hey, you can even use some of my ideas like, “Sharknado 2: Trying 2 Hard” “Sharknado 2: Tori Spelling’s In It. Ha, ha! Get it?” or “Sharknado 2: The Marsupials”.

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