Hell Freezes Over: Olbermann Returning to ESPN

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The last time Keith Olbermann was on ESPN2, he looked like this

The last time Keith Olbermann was on ESPN2, he looked like this

Twenty years after he launched ESPN2 with the off-script ad-lib of “welcome to the end of our careers,” Keith Olbermann is continuing his career on that same channel. According to the New York Times, Olbermann will begin hosting a one-hour , New York-based nightly talk show on ESPN2 later this year.

The anchor, along with partner Dan Patrick helped ESPN’s SportsCenter revolutionize sports broadcasting in the 1990s, before he left in 1997. Olbermann and network executives have sniping at each other, in various books and magazine articles, ever since, and his career since leaving has very much cemented his reputation as an often difficult employee.

In the years after his departure from Bristol Olbermann had brief stints with MSNBC and Fox Sports, before catching fire during the Bush years as an openly left-wing primetime host on MSNBC. After leaving that network, and later departing Current TV after a brief stint there, Olbermann was unemployed, although he was recently announced as a studio host for TBS’ coverage of the baseball postseason. It’s unclear if those plans are still on.

According to the Times piece by James Andrew Miller- also the co-author of a best-selling book about the history of ESPN- Olbermann’s contract will forbid him from discussing politics on the show.

UPDATE: The show is called Olbermann and it starts August 26.

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