Box Office Report: Ryan Reynolds Should Probably Stay in Bed Today

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Here’s your box office report for this past weekend, complete with snarky commentary.

1.) The Conjuring, $41.5M: Not surprising in the least once you remember that horror movies continue to have strong openings (The Purge) and the weekend’s limp competition. (R.I.P.D., as critic Scott Weinberg pointed out, was declared a bust before it opened.) Speaking as a human being, people love to be scared, and getting that result requires less of a formula than the typical big-budget, slam-bang offerings. Translation: When we go to the movies we can actually be surprised for once.

2.) Despicable Me 2, $25.1M: If Turbo had waited another week to premiere, perhaps this kid-friendly colossus’ momentum would have died down. Speaking of which…

3.) Turbo, $21.5M: If you’re Ryan Reynolds’ agent, this past weekend probably included aspirin, antacids, and lots of grave phone calls to important Hollywood people.

4.) Grown Ups 2, $20M: Someone asked me how this movie has made $80 million domestic in two weeks. My guess is that audiences like the blend of family warmth and middle school humor—did you know the movie features a peeing moose?—but that didn’t work for Jack & Jill or Just Go With It. So, yeah, I have no idea.

5.) RED 2, $18.5M: Between this and R.I.P.D., which finished seventh, Mary-Louise Parker should have no problem transitioning into that early retirement she craves.

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