Batman and Superman to Unite, Under World’s Far-From-Finest Director

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Hey, who here has seen “Man of Steel”? Ooh, all of you, I guess.untitled

Ok. Who here actually liked “Man of Steel”? Yeah. Me neither. But to be fair, I loved the scenes set on Krypton. For a few brief moments “The Man of Steel” appeared to be based on a Yes album cover and directed by a schizophrenic “Dune” fan.

But unfortunately now that the world was conned into sitting through “The Man of Steel”, Warner Bros. wrongly assumes we want more and has once again unleashed that Batman, Superman crossover concept from the lowest reaches of development hell.

 Warner Bros. President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production Greg Silverman announced at Comic-Con that “Man of Steel’s” director Zach Snyder and its screenwriter David S. Goyer will once again reteam to bring us an inevitably disappointing, really stupid and plot-hole riddled interpretation of how two of the world’s greatest superheroes first met. Apparently the film will reunite most of the original stars from “Man of Steel” but none of the stars from the “Dark Knight” trilogy. A new Batman has yet to be cast (but expect some British guy to slip into the iconic cowl).

Warner Bros. has been kicking around a movie where Batman and Superman team-up (or try to kill each other, eg. Batman vs. Superman) since the late ‘90s and they’ve always gotten cold feet at the last minute. But it really does seem like the idea will take flight this time. If only because of the enormous success of “The Avengers” and because a Justice League movie won’t work right now or any time, for that matter. So consider this “World’s Finest” movie your consolation prize, nerds.


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  • Brian

    I suspect Batman Vs. Superman will play out like Man Of Steel: Great initial interest, then an equally precipitous fall. What I hope is that there’s strong enough counter-programming when it’s released that the first part of that equation fails.

    And since there is no second part without the first…