‘The Walking Dead’ Reveals New Trailer, Season 4 Tidbits at Comic-Con 2013

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the walking dead season 4 posterHow big a deal is AMC’s smash The Walking Dead? People were camping out to get into the panel discussion. The third season introduced some of the comic’s best known characters: the villainous Governor, sword wielding warrior Michonne and Tyreese, a good guy stuck in a bad world.

It also marked the biggest departure yet from the book’s storyline. The show offed Andrea, a survivor still alive in the books, thus assumed untouchable.  The message was a clear one, anyone can die here. That’s especially true if you’re following The Governor. He was already in a dark place, in the season finale he completely lost it. Actor David Morrissey maintains his character isn’t a bad guy. The Governor just demands fierce loyalty, in his mind.

“If you’re not on my side, you’ve gotta go,” Morrissey said.

Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic book, said The Governor’s return will be one of the big mysteries of Season  4.

While The Governor started Season 3 with a collection of walker heads and a god complex, Rick wasn’t in much better shape by the end. Only the looming threat to the group ended his long walks with ghost Lori. Thanks to an influx of new survivors and problems with Carl, the “Ricktatorship” has ended for the time being. Rick has realized that his son is going to be more messed up than he and The Governor combined without some guidance.

The Walking Dead returns October 13 at 9 p.m ET. Wrapup show Talking Dead returns immediately after at 10 p.m. Here is the latest trailer:

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