The Second Teaser for Ridley Scott’s ‘The Counselor’ Is Just As Stylish, and Superfluous

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How do you like your Ridley Scott? Fantastical and exploring the outer reaches of the galaxy, the past, or some dystopian future shock, or over-cranking contemporary life while discovering the drama inherent in crime, punishment, and power? Well, if you prefer the ‘Alien’/’Legend’/’Blade Runner‘/’Gladiator’/’Prometheus‘ version of the celebrated British director, get ready to be disappointed. has a second preview of Scott’s next feature, and it’s full of sex, sunny locales, and scandalous insinuation. It’s called ‘The Counselor‘ and on the plus side, it’s from a script by ‘No Country for Old Men’ and ‘The Road”s celebrated Cormac McCarthy. On the down side, Scott never seems to fully connect when making movies like this. His glossy commercial style sells , speculation, sci-fi, and horror rather well, but it seems contradictory to creating real world tension and a sense of authenticity

See for yourself:

While only a few seconds longer than the original teaser, we do get a bit more story here. Clearly, Michael Fessbender and Penelope Cruz are a couple. Clearly, her man is up to something bad. Love the trip wire across the highway, though exploitation god Herschell Gordon Lewis and his ‘She-Devils on Wheels’ might have something to say about Scott cribbing its signature death.

The cast is indeed star-studded (Brad Pitt? Javier Bardem? Cameron Diaz?) but, again, Scott had similar ambitions with ‘American Gangster’ and that film was flatter than some of the landscaped pictured here. Guess we’ll have to wait until October 25th to see if he can pull it off. Of course, there’s always ‘Prometheus 2‘ to obsess over.


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