Trailer for ‘Metallica: Through the Never’ May Leave Fans Scratching Their Heads

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They’re the biggest metal band in the world (arguably – my money has always been with Iron Maiden, but why quibble) – and can, apparently, do any damn thing they want. In fact, if you need proof that Metallica are as much a corporation as a creative outlet, look no further than the trailer for their latest mass media effort, a concert film/sci-fi mash-up called ‘Metallica: Through the Never.’

Sure, sure, you’ll dig the sequences with ‘Chronicle”s (and future Green Goblin?) star Dane Dehaan struggling through a post-apocalyptic society in chaos, but the real WTF? is the band’s stage set up and technical mechanisms. Just check out those ‘Wild Wild West’ like crane arms on each side of the stage, moving the cameras about in a creepy robotic fashion (or did I just imagine that?).

Anyway, the synopsis provided over at (which links to more information from the group’s recent appearance at Comic Con) suggest that Dehaan is a roadie sent out into the night to reclaim some mythic object the band “lost.” When he finally finds it, or has an accident along the way, one or the other, he is transported to a world where a villain in a weird white gas masks rides a horse and chases him around. Apparently, through the power of Pete Townshend (read: smashing a guitar to the ground), our hero finds a way to defeat this enemy. See for yourself:

Weird, huh? First off, the band looks great. Far, far removed from the days when they were known as “Alcohollica” and light years away from their last big screen effort, the confrontational and confessional documentary ‘Some Kind of Monster.’ Apparently, they’ve all got their personal acts together. As for the ‘Mad Max’ meets the End of the World stuff (all directed by Nimrod Antal of ‘Vacancy’ and ‘Predators’ fame) happening in between, all one can say is…what? Is there some theme to the songs as part of this concert that would suggest a world gone wild? How exactly, will ‘Ride the Lightning’ fit in? Guess we’ll have to wait until it premieres in IMAX 3D on September 27th to judge the final results.


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  • G-Bear

    Iron Maiden my butt!!!!!