Sony Shows Its New Digital Motion Picture Center

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Sony's Curtis Clark, ASC, demonstrates the facility

Sony this week will open its revolutionary new Digital Motion Picture Center to the public, and we were among a small group of reporters that got a sneak peak on Tuesday.

The facility, located at the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, Calif., features the company’s 4K technology and demonstrates all of the ways that the technology is used in film production and exhibition, “lens to living room.” The Center is especially focused on the F65 4K camera.

Spider-man pays a visit

The demonstration was conducted by vice president Satoshi Kanemura and Curtis Clark, ASC, who oversees education at the facility.

Press in attendance were shown “El Dorado,” a short film directed by Clark and using the technology, before touring the facility.

The Digital Motion Picture Center was touted by Kanemura as “a place for Hollywood to come together” to use the technology. He also announced that the facility will be open, free of charge, for training for aspiring filmmakers, every Wednesday for the next two years.

The studio entrance

On top of all of the cutting-edge technology, the center includes several “hard-to-shoot” locations.

 See the Center’s website for more information. 


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