It’s Alive! James McAvoy to Star in Paul Mc Guigan’s ‘Frankenstein’ Film

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Get ready for more Prometheus…MODERN Prometheus, that is. In a year which saw such loose interpretations of the Mary Shelley ‘Man playing God’ classic as ‘The Frankenstein Theory,’ ‘Frankenstein’s Army,’ and the truly surreal, still in production ‘I, Frankenstein,’ (offering Aaron Eckhart as the monster, said fiend now entering a battle between gargoyles and demons for control of the Earth – we kid you not), Scottish director Paul McGuigan is gearing up to bring yet another adaptation of the quintessential Gothic horror tome to life.

Scripted by Max Landis (who did a bang up job with his crafty, clever superhero riff ‘Chronicle’), describes this latest look at ‘Frankenstein’ as “a revisionist, sci-fi take…with the focus on themes of friendship and redemption.” Even more intriguing is the recent news that the filmmaker has already landed one major casting coup. It has been announced that Daniel Radcliffe, none other than Harry Potter himself, plans on distancing himself even further from the boy wizard that made him famous by taking on the part of…wait for it…Igor!

Wait! We think he’ll be great. Why? Call it…a hunch! (cue rim shot – and Mel Brooks)

Now McGuigan, who gave us ‘Lucky Number Slevin’ and ‘Push’ has found his devious doctor, and the obsessed medico determined to bring the dead back to life will be played by none other than the young Professor Xavier himself, James McAvoy. Apparently beating out the likes of ‘Boardwalk Empire”s Jack Huston, and ‘Rocknrolla”s Toby Kebbell, the actor has yet another icon part to play.

While it will be interesting to see where Landis and McGuigan take the character, McAvoy seems perfect for the role of the tormented scientist. He’s very good at sensitivity and suffering. No word yet on whether his creation will be CG, an actor in make-up, or a combination of both. Also we aren’t sure if it will too rise up and get involved in a war between other fright fiends like zombies vs. werewolves, or Sharknados vs. Giant Octopi.

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