Choose An Adjective: “The Wolverine” Slashes/Claws/Cuts Up Box Office

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Wolverine vs. Viper (who?)

Whaddya mean you’ve never heard of me? I’m half-snake dammit!

Here’s your box office report for this past weekend, complete with snarky commentary. 

1.) The Wolverine$55M. Looks promising, until you examine the box office debuts of the previous X-Men/Wolverine films. Yikes. (h/t TheWrap)

2.) The Conjuring, $22.1M. It’s weird how Patrick Wilson’s total lack of charisma is actually an attribute here.

3.) Despicable Me 2$16M. If you get a half-day at work today, it’s because the movie passed $300 million this weekend. So, enjoy your time off. Go crazy.

4.) Turbo, $13.3 M. Can’t be all bad since the movie employed Richard Jenkins and Paul Giamatti.

5.) Grown Ups 2, $11.5M. The fact that more people know Maria Bello from the two Grown Ups movies, and not The Cooler and A History of Violence, makes me want to punch the movie industry in the face. 

Source: IMDb

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