‘Super Troopers 2′ May Receive Crowdfunding

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You can say whatever you want about Kevin Smith but at least that insufferable, pop-cultural gadfly will not be utilizing Kickstarter to bankroll “Clerks 3”. super_troopers_2Instead he will be using his own money or the money of private investors because he realizes just how tacky, desperate and mercenary it looks when a well-known celebrity appears on Kickstarter with their hat in hand to shamelessly beg their legion of fans to fund their latest ill-advised project.

Unfortunately, Smith seems to be one of the few celebrities who realizes just how sad and infuriating it is to see a familiar, affluent face on Kickstarter because the Broken Lizard comedy troupe may be joining Zach Braff, Melissa Joan Hart and Spike Lee in the ranks of celebrities who abused crowdfunding.

According to Screenrant, troupe members Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme appeared on comedian Bert Kreischer’s podcast, Bertcast, to discuss the status of “Super Troopers 2.” Apparently, 20th Century Fox has agreed to distribute the film but it will not provide the $15 million budget. This is the exact same deal the troupe received when they made “Super Troopers” more than a decade ago which illustrates just how far Broken Lizard has fallen.

To Lemme and Heffernan’s credit, they won’t immediately jump on Kickstarter but instead plan on raising the money independently through friends and private investors. But if that fails, they will go down the crowdfunding route. And if it should come to that, please be aware that if the film is a hit, you’ll never see a return on your investment and if it’s a flop you’ll be responsible for bringing more unfunny misery into this world.

UGH! Why can’t we just accept the fact that there’s probably a very good reason why certain movies do not receive adequate funding and just move on? Considering Broken Lizard’s spotty track record, I can live without the inevitable disappointment of “Super Troopers 2” and so can you.     

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