Diane Lane Will Play Hillary Clinton in NBC Miniseries

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hillary clintonThanks to the success of miniseries such as The Bible, networks are going all in to revive the miniseries. NBC has a Cleopatra – miniseries, a remake of Stephen King’s Tommyknockers and a project starring Diane Lane as Hillary Clinton.

The TV movie will deal with Clinton’s life as a wife, mother and politician. I’m thinking it will also discuss Monica Lewinsky, her infamous blue dress and the sex scandal that rocked Bill Clinton’s presidency. Political analysts and the Republican Party expect Hillary to run for president in 2016. But that announcement probably won’t come until 2015, and the movie will probably air before then. Otherwise, her political opponents could argue NBC has to offer them equal TV time.

NBC are not the only betting people want to know more about Hillary. A mainstream movie release Rodham is in the works and looking for a lead actress. It could be good that Hollywood thinks Americans are interested in her. But what if these turn out to be unflattering portrayals? TV and movies have more impact on politics than we probably care to admit. Chevy Chase turned one televised fall by President Gerald Ford into a steady dose of Saturday Night Live sketches. To this day if you ask people for a single adjective describing Ford, many would say “clumsy.”

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