WWE’s ‘Total Divas’ Have Strong Debut for E! Network

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Total DivasE! may have found a new Sunday night tag team partner for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Total Divas, a show that goes behind the scenes with several female WWE superstars, delivered 1.3 million viewers Sunday night. That’s the network’s biggest debut since 2012’s Married to Jonas. Divas aired immediately after Kardashians, which is still enjoying a Kanye West – Kim Kardashian baby bump in its numbers.

The first episode of Divas featured an appearance by the face of WWE, John Cena. He’s dating Nikki Bella and she wants to know if marriage is in their future. Cena is recently divorced, and there were some allegations that he cheated on his wife with a diva.  It wasn’t Nikki, this was before their relationship.  He told Nikki he wants to take it slow. I bet they’ll be coming back to this storyline as the season progresses.

The divas all got a shock in the episode as they found out their Wrestlemania match got cut due to time restraints. These WWE shows usually only have one divas match, with as many as ten ladies fighting for that timeslot. If nothing else, Total Divas will offer these wrestlers another chance to connect with viewers.

USA will air a replay of the show after Raw Monday night. There’s no word yet on whether that will be a regular thing.

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