Viva Life! “Simpsons” Reruns Could be Heading to Cable

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matt_groening_futurama_the_simpsons_cartoon-509x600As a fan of The Simpsons, the following news may cause me to never leave the house again.

TV Guide is reporting that Twentieth Television is gearing up to shop reruns to cable networks within the next year. Why is this happening after so long?

…When The Simpsons was first sold into broadcast syndication in 1993, it was an anomaly: an animated show in a sea of live-action repeats. TV stations, nervous about the prospects, demanded exclusivity from cable as long as new episodes were being made by Fox in primetime. No one involved could have predicted that The Simpsons would still be churning out fresh shows 20 years later.

What this means is the vault of Simpsons reruns will be wide open to television viewer. As Warming Glow’s Josh Kurp points out, “considering most Fox syndicates only air episodes from the past five seasons or so (if I have to see “The Scorpion’s Tale” one more time, I’m going to scream), this is terrific news, made all the better by “executives [believing] that Fox’s sister channel FX will likely have first crack at the property.”

I’ll raise a Duff to that.

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