Could Indictments Mean the End of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey?’

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large_teresa-guidice-table-flipThe recent federal indictment of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice and her husband, Joe, is certainly bad news for that couple- but it could also mean the end of the highly-rated Bravo reality series, according to a report Thursday in the New York Daily News. 

The Daily News, using the dubious lede “Teresa and Joe Giudice face a fate worse than prison — getting their reality TV show canceled,” states that Bravo executives are debating whether to put the kibosh on the show, which is currently airing its fifth season. A proposed Teresa-focused spinoff is also not happening, the report said.

The proverbial “network sources” told the newspaper that the show might be canceled due to “bad publicity,” although you’d think a high-profile trial and the drama surrounding it would actually be good for the show’s ratings. Guidice and other New Jersey Housewives, even before the latest legal tangle, are frequently front-page news in various supermarket tabloids. And past legal troubles, including a previous indictment of Joe Guidice on charges of falsely obtaining a drivers license, have been featured on the show.


The Guidices last week were indicted on 39 separate federal counts, including mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud and conspiracy, for which they face as many as 50 years in prison.


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