Clooney to Direct “The Yankee Comandante”

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The New Yorker’s David Grann has emerged in recent years as probably America’s best long-form nonfiction magazine writer. If you read his most recent piece, “The Yankee Comandante,” the other week, you were probably thinking what I was: “This would make a really great movie.” There’s everything- twists, political intrigue and even a love story.

Apparently George Clooney read the piece too, and decided the same thing. Clooney, the Hollywood Reporter reported Thursday, will direct a movie adaptation of Grann’s piece, which told the true story of William Alexander Morgan, an American who joined the Cuban revolution in the late 1950s and may or may not have betrayed the cause.

The tale is full of twists, which is such a Grann trademark that I’m surprised more of his work hasn’t been adapted for the screen. What did ever happen to that Lost City of Z movie that Brad Pitt was supposed to make?

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