New Breaking Bad Poster Has Fans Jonesing for the Show Like it’s Blue Meth

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Like his fellow AMC showrunner Matthew Weiner, Breaking Bad boss Vince Gilligan is slow with the revelation of details about upcoming seasons.

So far no meaningful details have been leaked about the upcoming fifth (and final) season of Breaking Bad, premiering on July 15th. All that’s known for sure is that the season will be split into two eight-episode halves.  So, fans scrutinize any newly released marketing materials for the show with an intensity not seen since the heyday of those weird, arty Sopranos posters that HBO used to dribble out during the interminable wait between seasons.

The release of the official poster for the first half of season five by AMC, if it hasn’t caused the internet equivalent of the kind of high you get from 99 percent pure Heisenberg-cooked blue meth, has certainly gotten quite a bit of internet buzz going. But really the poster, though a little more specific than Season Four’s “Extremely Volatile” poster, is fairly light on detail.

If I had to guess this “All Hail the King” image signifies that the first half of Season Five will concern Walter White’s ascension to the top of the southwestern meth trade, i.e. the apex of the “Mr. Chips to Scarface” journey that Gilligan described when he first pitched the show, and the final eight episodes will trace his fall.

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