The First-Run Home Theater Era Is Here

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Hey, are you interested in getting first-run movies beamed, digitally, directly into your home, minus the one-two punch of cell phone-quality recording and BitTorrent? You’re in luck, because the technology to do just that has arrived! Provided you’ve got some spare cash lying around, that is.

The Prima Cinema digital movie server was announced in late 2010 as a way for high rollers to get new movies beamed directly to their home theaters, and the company announced this week that it has installed the first system, ahead of the official release later this month.

Its press release describes the service’s target clientele as “people who have private home cinemas and typically will wait several months for a the movie to come out on disc or celebrities who really can’t go out in public to catch a movie.”

Sound like a fun accessory to have at home? The cost is, let’s say, prohibitive: The installation runs $35,000, plus a $500 per viewing fee for new movies, putting it at the high end of the high end market. And that doesn’t even include popcorn. I know movie ticket prices have been rising lately, but…

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