Actor Henry Polic II, “Webster”‘s Jerry, Dead at 68

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jerryHenry Polic II, who died Sunday night after a lengthy bout with cancer, was one of those actors you knew, even if you didn’t know him. The handsome actor was  good at playing easily ruffled types, which meant you saw him in something at some point. Or heard him: he voiced the Scarecrow on Batman: The Animated Series.

You may remember him from the Mel Brooks’ sitcom When Things Were Rotten, the TV precursor to Robin Hood: Men in Tights, or playing Susan Clark’s assistant on Webster. He had a lengthy stage resume and even hosted his own game show, Celebrity Double Talk, back in 1986.

Making it as an actor isn’t being Angelina Jolie or whomever is regularly on the cover of US Weekly. That’s a foolish definition. I think it’s about getting a steady flow of work where you don’t have to wait tables or make caramel lattes, where you can call yourself an actor or a singer or a screenwriter without being laughed out of the room.

Henry Polic II was in a long line of TV shows and movies for decades. His death warranted a nice write-up in the A.V. Club, which doesn’t hand out tributes like candy. He was fondly remembered. He left a hefty body of work. That, friends, is making it–and then some.

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