HBO Viewers Demand Nudity Equality

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These two guys beg to differ

These two guys beg to differ

HBO, unlike most non-premium channels, is fairly liberal when it comes to nudity.

There were people whose primary reason for watching The Sopranos was hoping for a glimpse of the Bad Bing girls, Game of Thrones offers bare breasts as often as it does severed heads, and we all remember the Real Sex series and all of the various prostitution-based “documentaries” the network has aired over the years. Not to mention the brothel-heavy Boardwalk Empire and Deadwood. Then there’s Girls, and True Blood, and…

What’s been missing all this time? Male nudity. At least, the women in this College Humor video would prefer to see some occasional naked men on Sunday nights:

There’s one word missing from the video, though: Oz. That prison-set HBO show had more full-frontal male nudity than probably all the other HBO series in history put together. There was also that one episode of Deadwood featuring a fully nude, then-unknown Nick Offerman.

All of the above are on HBO Go, if you’re interested.

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