NBC Defending David Gregory as ‘Meet the Press’ Host

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david gregoryIf your employer needs to deny it is firing you, things are not going well. NBC has issued that dreaded “vote of confidence” for embattled Meet The Press host David Gregory. Mediaite reports ratings from the news themed show are the lowest in 21 years.

NBC’s statement says Gregory has the full faith of the network and renewed his contract earlier this year. Being under contract with the network doesn’t necessarily guarantee high profile assignments. Former Today Show host Ann Curry can testify to that.

Gregory came under fire for asking Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald if he should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting National Security Administration leaker Edward Snowden. Greenwald fired back that Gregory had no proof of these allegations. He called it “pretty extraordinary” that a journalist would call for a colleague’s arrest for doing his job.

Vote of confidence or not, NBC will make some changes if ratings don’t improve. It’s the nature of the TV business, and that applies to news coverage as much as it does entertainment.

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