‘Breaking Bad’ “Bitchers” Celebrate the Skyler Slap

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Skyler and Walt I’d say the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad are off to a pretty great start, full of the show’s trademark tension, as well as amazing acting, writing and visuals. (Spoilers for for the first two episodes from this moment forward):

But the fans of the show I’ve dubbed “Bitchers”- in the tradition of birthers and truthers, bitchers are those who consume Breaking Bad entirely through the prism of believing that Skyler White is a bitch- had another reaction to the season’s second episode, which aired Sunday night. Specifically, the moment in which Skyler (Anna Gunn) is slapped by Marie (Betsy Brandt) once the latter character discovered Skyler knew for a long time that Walt was Heisenberg.

Here’s a smattering of Twitter reaction to that moment, and it’s some pretty ugly stuff:

At least that last one was sarcastic.

The episode before this one, Walter- the man who has sold crystal meth worldwide, murdered numerous people, bombed a nursing home and poisoned a young boy- was punched in the face by Hank, right after Hank enumerated all of Walter’s misdeeds out loud. Were any of these people that satisfied about that moment? Or is being a murderous drug dealer less slap-worthy than a wife who complains too much?

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