Bob Odenkirk to Appear in the Horror Comedy ‘Kitchen Sink’

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It is 2013. We’ve all grown a little. We’re all a little more mature and discerning. So, why are vampires and zombies still such a huge part of the pop-cultural landscape? Why do we still care so much breaking_bad_tv_show_image_bob_odenkirk_01-600x422about these creatively bankrupt concepts? And why am I secretly getting excited about a movie that combines these creatively bankrupt concepts?

According to Deadline, Sony pictures is producing “Kitchen Sink” a horror comedy that “takes place in Dilford, a place where vampires were at the top of the social order, zombies were at the bottom, and the humans were in the middle. This all goes awry and it’s a battle, and it’s up to three reps of those groups to restore harmony.”

On its own, “Kitchen Sink” doesn’t sound too impressive. It’s basically a less romantic variation on “Warm Bodies” with the addition of vampires. It’s really just any random comedy you’d see in theaters during the post Christmas/Summer dead zone.

But here’s where things get interesting. “Kitchen Sink” is filled with a veritable murderer’s row of comedic talent. Not only are Keegan-Michael Key and Denis Leary set to appear in this but so will Patton Oswalt and the great Bob Odenkirk. With the addition of those comedic greats, “Kitchen Sink” just gained a lot of potential. Personally, I don’t even care what this movie is about anymore. Just take my money. I need to so this.

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