What is ‘Stranger?’ J.J. Abrams and thisTeaser Trailer Offers Few Answers

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Image Courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter

Image Courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter

A slow piano intro. Black and white imagery. A man emerges from the sea, shown only in silhouette. A voice discusses his presence, questions who he may be. There is more narration. Then we see a shadow, followed by a single candlelight, followed by the face of someone, their mouth sloppily stitched shut.

To quote the early Keanu Reeves, “Whoa…”

Who is this person? Who is he pursuing? Is he actually chasing the man in the water? Are they one in the same? These questions seem to flow effortlessly from the new teaser for something called ‘Stranger.’ It’s apparently the latest from J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company. Before we go further, perhaps a peek at this unusual promo is in order:

Commence head scratching in three…two…one…huh? Indeed, like most of the projects he’s associated with, Abrams is a wizard at building publicity from online clues and viral campaigns. In this case, there are several potential possibilities as to what this all means. Some are suggesting it could be linked to the writer/director’s work on the latest ‘Star Wars‘ film. Others are hinting that it has something to do with a new TV series, perhaps one based on a comic book character. Others have pointed out that Abrams has a book coming out called ‘S,’ which offers an unusual format in that the storyline must be deciphered from random objects, letters, correspondence, and notes put together in one particular volume. Stranger does start with an S.

Whatever it is, the tease is both intriguing and highly frustrating. Those in the know are probably laughing to themselves over all the conjecture and (wrong) explanations. As he did with ‘Cloverfield,’ this could also be one massive bit of misdirection (remember, the press campaign for that giant monster movie started with a site dedicated to a fictional soft drink), so don’t be surprised if the man pulling himself through the surf isn’t some brand new character in the ‘Wars‘ world. Or if none of the current conclusions are correct. As with most approaches like this, the success is in the sale, not what’s being sold, and with all the buzz building among the members of Messageboard Nation, Abrams has more than succeeded.

Source: The Telegraph

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