A ‘Rambo’ TV Series is Being Developed

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Sylvester Stallone reminds me of ALF. Please, allow me to explain. rambo

Do you remember several years ago when all of this prepackaged ALF nostalgia was suddenly forced down our throats? He started appearing in commercials, he had his own talk show, his face was plastered all over pogs and not a single person asked for this. There’s a reason why this sassy, shade-tipping puppet didn’t stick around and we were more than happy to lock our dim memories of him away in the dark recesses of our mind.

Similarly, nobody was clamoring for more Stallone but we got him anyway. But unlike ALF, Stallone doesn’t seem like he’ll be disappearing again anytime soon. Not only will the “Expendables 3” be arriving in theaters relatively soon, but he’s also- according to Deadline– developing a “Rambo” TV series.

Yes, apparently Stallone will not only be “involved in the project on a creative level” but the 67 year old star of “Rhinestone” and “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot” might also be reprising his most famous role as well.

But how would a Rambo series work, you may ask? Good question.

Maybe it will be like “First Blood” and every week Rambo will piss off a different small-town sheriff? Or maybe it could be a domestic sitcom in which a retired and now married John Rambo enjoys his idyllic suburban life in upstate New York. That is, until he meets his new neighbor: the same Vietnamese military commander who used to torture him when he was a prisoner of war!

But whatever the Rambo series will be, I’m sure you’ll be able to see it on Spike TV because, c’mon, where the hell else is this stupid thing going to go?

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