At the End of the Day: Death Blow, Cry Cry Again and Lots of ‘Breaking Bad’

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I AM the Danger

I AM the Danger

Posters of  “Death Blow,” “Cry, Cry Again,”  “Rochelle, Rochelle,” and other fake movies from Seinfeld (Next Movie)

Did you notice the guy in Hank’s office with the awesome mustache on Breaking Bad last week? Here’s the backstory (Warming Glow)

A dynamite essay on how Breaking Bad fits into the tradition in fiction of white civilians going toe-to-toe with drug cartels and winning (The New Inquiry)

Francis Ford Coppola: Big “Trapped in the Closet” fan (Vulture)

Community loves to cast veterans of Golden Age TV series as professors- Jonathan Banks, Mike from Breaking Bad, is the latest (AV Club)

AMC, the Breaking Bad producers and “Save Walter White” have cut ties with a cancer charity named “one of the worst”- although unlike the fictional Save Walter White, it’s not a front for a meth operation (Hollywood Reporter)

Last week’s Breaking Bad episode coined the phrase “send him on a trip to Belize”; the Belize Tourism Board has done all it can to capitalize (AV Club)

An example of how ESPN manufactures B.S. and then milks it across its platforms for days (Deadspin)

The 73 Sports Movies in 73 Days series, at last, reaches Hulk Hogan’s “No Holds Barred” (With Leather)

 An incredible interactive chart showing the scoring averages of various NBA players compared with how often they’ve been mentioned in rap lyrics (

A history of rappers using baby pictures of themselves on album covers (Slate)

An essay about How I Met Your Mother and dysfunctional dads (Good Men Project)

A trip to Tommy Stinson’s house in Minneapolis, where the cover of the Replacements’ “Let It Be” album was shot (AV Club)

A really great tribute to the late Elmore Leonard (Filmdrunk)

Longtime former Congressman Barney Frank unloads on House of Cards and other recent Washington-based TV shows (Press Herald)

Meet The Russo Test: an LGBT version of the Bechdel Test (Think Progress)

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