TNT Will Offer Post Episode Web Shows for Falling Skies, Dallas

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TNT is emulating AMC’s Talking Dead – kind of. It will offer post episode shows for sci-fi drama Falling Skies and its reboot of 80s soap opera Dallas. Unlike AMC, which airs Talking Dead on its network immediately after The Walking Dead, TNT will do its post-show wrap ups on the web.

Cameron Mathison will host Dallas Round-Up after the East Coast premiere of Dallas, 11 p.m. ET on   It will feature interviews, talk about the episodes, fan questions and trivia. Right now it’s airing for nine weeks. We’ll see if J.R. Ewing and his magnificent eyebrows can recapture what made the original show a TV legend.

Wil Wheaton, who has successfully mined his geek cred ever since appearing in  Star Trek: The Next Generation, will hold the Falling Skies post show. It’s called 2nd Watch and will begin June 17 at 11 p.m. ET following that show’s East Coast premiere. Falling Skies follows a small group of humans who survived an alien invasion. Unlike most sci-fi movies/shows, no plucky group of military misfits staves off the attackers. Most of Earth’s human population is wiped out, and the survivors are trying to avoid humanity’s extinction. Executive producers include Steven Spielberg and “Saving Private Ryan” writer Robert Rodat.

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