Darren Young Leads to Ratings Increase on WWE Raw

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darren youngThe August 19 tag team match pitting  the Prime Time Players against Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro gained around 250,000 viewers to earn a 3.5 rating. This match wasn’t at the top of the hour and didn’t feature any WWE main eventers. It’s likely people heard about WWE superstar Darren Young coming out and wanted to see him.

Though Young  has been the talk of the wrestling world, nothing was acknowledged on TV. That may be the best thing. Wrestling isn’t known for storylines that are sensitive to the LGBT community, or anyone else for that matter. The Prime Time Players’ opponents August 19 are in an angle poking fun at the Tea Party, earning their ire and the publicity WWE wanted all along.

This is the Prime Time Players’ second stint in an unexpected spotlight. The team started out with manager Abraham Washington, who got fired after making a Kobe Bryant rape joke on TV.


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