Hugh Laurie May Play Evil CEO in “Robocop” Remake

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According to The Hollywood Reporter,  Hugh Laurie is in negotiations to play a villain in MGM’s “Robocop” remake.

Laurie would be the wealthy and diabolical CEO of Omnicorp, the company that finances police officer Alex Murphy’s transformation into Robocop. After a lengthy career that saw him earn acclaim as a gifted comic actor, Laurie earned the role of a lifetime as the abrasive Dr. Gregory House. That show just ended its eight-year run on FOX.

Gary Oldman is on board as Norton, the scientist who revives Murphy and turns him into a cyborg. Samuel L. Jackson plays a media mogul. Joel Kinnaman (The Killing) will play the well-armored officer. MGM’s remake machine is in seriously high gear right now. In addition to “RoboCop,”  MGM is redoing “Carrie,” “Death Wish” and “WarGames.”

I’m always skeptical about these retellings of movies that were fine the first time, but I do like the cast here. Readers, will you buy this new version of RoboCop for a dollar?

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