Aziz Ansari’s New Stand-Up Special Coming to Netflix First

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The New York Times has reported that Aziz Ansari’s upcoming stand-up comedy special Burned Alive will debut on Netflix on November 1st. In the past year, Netflix has been cranking out the exclusives quickly becoming a big contender in home entertainment. Netflix has even aired stand-up comedy specials before, but the Aziz Ansari special is already generating quite the buzz. According to the New York Times, Buried Alive is the first stand-up special to get promotional efforts on par with Netflix original programming like House of Cards.

Aziz Ansari Netflix

According to The New York Times, this is just the start of Netflix’s evolution.

There’s more comedy coming, the company says, as it opens another front of competition with HBO. In announcing the expansion into comedy specials and feature documentaries last month, the Netflix chief executive, Reed Hastings, said that the service had “become a big destination for fans of these much loved and often underdistributed genres.

And Ansari is aware of the changing landscape for entertainment. “They always mention that they watched it on Netflix,” said Ansari about where his fans watch his comedy.

Ansari also say,”It’s an interesting time for someone to be releasing content. No one’s quite figured out things. You can do all types of things. At this moment, it really seems like Netflix is the way to go.”

In terms of what fans can expect of the comedy special, Ansari told the New York Times that the material was “a lot more mature” than previous specials and it focuses on his life as a commitment-phobic comedian amongst friends who are getting married and having children.

Ansari will also release Buried Alive as a $5 download but that will come after the Netflix premiere.

Until November 1st, enjoy one of my favorite Aziz Ansari stand-up clips:

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