‘Walking Dead’s’ David Morrissey Gets AMC Pilot ‘Line of Sight’

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the governorDavid Morrissey, known to The Walking Dead fans as “The Governor,” will lead AMC’s new drama Line of Sight. He’ll play Lewis Brent, a National Transportation Safety Board inspector who survives a crash and begins investigating the cause. Morrissey is a gifted actor and I’m happy for him. But what viewers of TWD want to know is, what will become of The Governor?

At least for Season 4, Morrissey will do double duty.  It helps that he’s not an actor who appears in every episode to begin with. The zombie-filled drama is not one where we should get too attached to anybody. They’ve already shown a willingness to bump off characters still alive in the comic it’s based on. When we last saw The Governor, he had completely lost his mind and the trust of Woodbury’s citizens. He’s on an unstable path so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him die. I’d still love to know how he escaped that small army of biters Andrea sicced on him.

Actors from TWD are quickly finding work on other dramas, including another on AMC. Lennie James (Morgan) is now appearing on Low Winter Sun, a cops and crime offering set in Detroit. It’s a remake of a British series. Jon Bernthal, who portrayed Shane on TWD, will be a cop again on TNT’s Mob City.

Season 4 of The Walking Dead begins Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. central.

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