Coming Soon: Sons of Anarchy-Themed Harleys

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I’m a big fan of FX’s biker drama Sons of Anarchy, but one thing I’ve always noticed about the show is just how unimportant the motorcycles themselves are.

The characters never talk about them, and the plots of the series never touch on them in any way. I’m not a motorcycle guy by any means, but I’ve long wondered how biker types feel about that particular aspect of the show.

That occurred to me Wednesday upon news that the show’s producers had reached a deal with Harley Davidson to create and sell 100 limited edition Sons of Anarchy bikes. The bikes will be available this fall- in time for the show’s fifth season- at Harley dealerships. They’re expected to run around $25,000 each.

 According to the Hollywood Reporter, the deal is part of a huge merchandising deal that will also include Sons-themed hats, games and stationary. The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club on the show gains most of their income from gun-running, but Sons-themed firearms are apparently not part of the deal.

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  • chuck lindsly

    The bike on display in the club house is 1946 Harley. To the best of my knowledge it has only had 3 owners in its 66 years of existence!