At the End of the Day: Foam Finger Disgrace, Spying on Lovers, and Jews on the ‘Daily Show’

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The second-most outrageous use of a foam finger in history

The second-most outrageous use of a foam finger in history

The inventor of the foam finger is “outraged” over Miley Cyrus’ sexually suggestive use of his creation. Not sure if he’s yet forgiven “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (The Wrap)

A supercut of all of the shouting from the first season of The Newsroom– which really illustrates how awful the show used to be and how much it’s improved (Slacktory)

Life imitates the awful Reese Witherspoon movie “This Means War,” as NSA employees have been caught spying on their own lovers (Business Insider)

Michael Keaton has given his blessing to Ben Affleck playing Batman- but what does Joel Schumacher think? (AV Club)

The Golf Channel, its fair to say, is the biggest loser of the March on Washington anniversary (Deadspin)

Anderson Cooper does a great job hanging Pat Robertson with his own words (CNN)

Looking at the Daily Show’s best Jewish moments (Jerusalem Post)

A look at “How podcasts conquered comedy” (The New Yorker)

Rush Limbaugh appears to have entered the “Baba Booey” phase of his career (Deadspin)

Will Leitch on why Keith Olbermann’s new show may be hurt by his inability to attack ESPN (Sports on Earth)

An in-depth analysis of the ending of “The World’s End” (Bad Ass Digest)

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