Dave Chappelle Walked Off Stage in Hartford Because, Apparently, People are Morons

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There's a lot more to Dave Chappelle than this

There’s a lot more to Dave Chappelle than this

After years of relative seclusion, Dave Chappelle is hitting the road performing stand-up as part of Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival. This is huge: a comedy dynamo going back to his roots, honing his act. Well, if you’re the crowd at last night’s show in Hartford, Conn, you’d rather shout out “I’m Rick James, bitch” and “Granny, don’t!” Because you think it’s 2004. And you can’t find these clips on YouTube. And you’re an idiot who lacks the ability to enjoy anything new.

Here’s the scene: The Oddball tour, which also includes Demetri Martin and Kristen Schaal, made its scheduled stop. The crowd was excited to see Chappelle, yelling out catchphrases from Half Baked and Chappelle Show. And they would…not…stop.

Laughspin details what went down, including this account from an audience member:

“He just chatted with the crowd for the first couple minutes as he waited for people to take their seats and settle down, but they kept going with the screaming. He had some fun with it at first, but then he got serious and told people that if they wanted him to do his act, they should pipe down so he could start. I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to have him lay it out there in plain English that he wouldn’t continue until there was a reasonable level of quiet, yet people, who presumably paid a bunch of money to come see him, wouldn’t shut the fuck up.”

Now, you might think: Maybe Chappelle had a bad show or was in a pissy mood. Some commenters on Laughspin, who claimed to have been at the show, say that indeed was the case. But writer Dylan P. Gadino, who received camera video footage and emails from fans, disagrees. And he make this point:

…Chappelle just last month broke attendance records in Montreal at the Just For Laughs comedy festival. He was scheduled to do one show there and organizers had to add nine more. The shows were packed and Chappelle, by most accounts, killed. My guess is those crowds in Montreal weren’t a bunch of drunk animals. I’m not saying every crowd member in Hartford are [sic] to blame for Chappelle’s non-performance, but clearly there were enough to ruin the night for everyone.

This is why we can’t have nice things, America. Come on, we can do better.

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  • wiley

    k, i was actually at this thing, and i was really excited to see him, and i as i sat in the lawn section, easily 100 ft back from the stage, i didnt heckle jack sh*t, but i was still deprived of getting the show i paid to see. maybe the audience sucked, but what this dude did was unprofessional and disrespectful, and im still in disbelief and pissed off that this actually happened. if youre a performance artist and you get a tough crowd, too f*ckin bad yo. deal with it. make something of it. tell some jokes, make some jokes, THATS WHAT YOURE PAID TO DO. even demitri martin complained about the crowd, but he still kept on with his childish one-liners, played the guitar a little bit, thanked the crowd and was applauded for it. im willing to go out on a limb here and say, based on quotes from chappelle himself i read in another online article about his first 3 shows in TX, he told them “i actually dont have any new material. ive been standing here talking to you for an hour and you probably heard 11 min of actual jokes”. the crowd is not to blame for this, seriously, this cat is just washed up. straight up. if he had some new sh*t, people wouldnt be making references to his old show, hed be rippin it up. i really wanted to believe this sh*t was like a joke, that he was just toying with the audience and then he was gonna come out with a decades worth of material that was gonna have me gasping for air between laughs. instead, i got bluntly disappointed by the fact this dudes all done, and he aint comin back. i lost alot of respect for a dude who was, in my eyes, one of the best to ever do this thing, but ive got no respect for immature divas who bitch about how theyre 40 now and meltdown (yeah, dont let anyone call it anything else) when things dont go their way.